Fresh Hydrangea: Why it’s Worth the Effort

Hydrangea 1

Flowers in any room always adds a beautiful and colorful touch, and one flower I absolutely love to use in my decorating is hydrangea. The problem is, using fresh hydrangea is a very temporary decoration–they’re usually wilted within minutes of being cut. The popular opinion on the reason for this is that when the hydrangeas are cut, a sap-like sticky substance created by the plant clogs the area around the cut and blocks the water. Luckily, there’s a way to prolong the beautiful color of your hydrangeas and have them lasting for days after being brought in from the garden–just follow this easy step-by-step process!

Hydrangea 2

1. This seems like an odd start, but start boiling some water. I’ll explain why you need that in a bit. While you’re near the sink, fill a vase, jar, or any containers with room temperature water and bring it out to the garden with you.

Hydrangea 3

2. Immediately after you cut your hydrangea, put the stems into the water you’ve brought with you. This will slow the clogging process while you bring the hydrangeas back in with you.

Hydrangea 4

3. Take the boiling water off and let cool while you cut your hydrangea stems to your desired length. Cutting the stems also gets rid of any built-up sap from the walk to your garden (it really happens fast! If you’ve tried doing this before, you’ll know what I’m talking about). Either way, you’ll want to cut at least an inch off the stem.

Hydrangea 6

4. Place the hydrangeas in the hot water for 30 seconds. Immediately after time is up, place the flowers into a vase/jar/etc. of room temperature water. Arrange, and enjoy!

Hydrangea 7

And a bonus! If you notice the blooms beginning to wilt after a few days, you can repeat this boiling water method and it will pump a few more days of life into your plant.

Have you tried this method before?  Has it worked for you? I love these beautiful flower arrangements made with hydrangea, and would love to hear your tips, tricks and success stories!

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