Kitchen Gallery Wall

In light of my recent post about how to hang your photo frames, check this out! A really great idea for a big, blank kitchen wall.

Tulle and Trinkets

love decorating and adding personal touches to spaces, so I wasted no time getting started on our new house after we moved in. One of my first projects was adding a gallery wall in our kitchen. It’s a mix of a couple new pieces, and some oldies-but-goodies that you might recognize from our old apartment.

kitchen gallery wall

From top left: Chalkboard from Shabby McFabby (originally a “thank you” sign for our wedding)
Macaron print from Geraldine Adams Illustrations with white frame from Amazon
Andy Warhol print from the IMA (similar found here) with blue frame from Michael’s
Wedding photo with white frame from Michael’s
White-framed cork board and photo frame from a garage sale many moons ago
Mushroom print from Lucile’s Kitchen with white frame from Amazon

kitchen gallery wall

Do you have a gallery wall in your space? What have you filled it with?

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