My Team Colors


If you had to choose your team colors, what would they be? Mine: black and gold. I go crazy for this combination. Not only is it extremely popular right now, but it makes any room exude elegance!

Between interior design, fashion, and beauty, my team’s colors are seen everywhere, always giving the air of ultimate luxury. Take some inspiration in these examples of black and gold done beautifully.


This dress is stunning!!


I love these elegant wall treatments.


The black and gold combination has even made its way into the art of baking!


Even just using black and gold as accents to a neutral colored room adds a touch of luxury.


If only I had steady enough hands to do this myself!


I am absolutely crazy about this vanity, and the wallpaper in this room is a great way to bring out the gold accenting each piece in the room.


A gold belt matched with bracelets and a gold necklace against a solid black shirt is a great way to class-up an otherwise every day outfit.


The American Radiator Building in NYC.


For the night out when you want to look extra Hollywood!


This room is exquisitely decorated. Adding a gold throw pillow to a black couch adds a real pop of color to the room, and is one of the easiest ways to add accents to any room in your house!


Even the automotive industry is on team black and gold! Exhibit A: Bugatti.


The beautiful gates of Buckingham Palace.


Stock up on black and gold accessories! It’s an easy color combination to match with, and will always add a little something extra to your outfit.


Such a great lamp! The gold underneath must look wonderful when its turned on. I would love to use this in the future.

So what do you think about my team colors? Elegant, or over-the-top?

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