Frames: Think Outside the Box!


Using frames as decoration in a room is an easy and (I think!) fun way to add a personal touch to your home. Of course there’s the usual candidates lined to be framed–photographs, mirrors–but check out some of these ideas when you’re deciding what to hang on your wall!


I’ve talked about my love of wall tapestries before, and framing a tapestry is a great way to add a touch of detail while preserving the material and prolonging the life of the tapestry. Design meets functionality–what could be better!


Kimonos are traditional Japanese garments worn by men, women, and children. Though they are not typically seen today in non-traditional settings, kimonos will be worn during significant events such as tea ceremonies and weddings. They are stunning pieces of clothing, and with the primary fabrics being made of silk and satin, keeping kimonos in a frame behind glass as decoration is a smart way to add a piece of beautiful artwork to your home while preserving the gorgeous material.


This sewing room has two very clever framing ideas: a page from a book, and a pegboard for thread. The pegboard frame is, once again, adding style to function–and that frame is stunning! Framing a page from a book is not only a cheap way to get a decorative piece, but an easy way to show a passage from your favorite author, or an illustration from your favorite book.


Speaking of taking pages from books, sheet music is not only a classy decoration, but the perfect addition to any music room. As an added bonus, the typical black-and-white pages are easy to match with.



Another easy way to add a big piece of framed artwork is to frame wallpaper! Find a designed wallpaper that suits your fancy and matches with the color of the rest of the walls. The two examples above do a great job, and with all the wallpaper out there your possibilities are endless!


How about framing… nothing! Spray paint fun shaped frames a neutral color and frame the color of the wall behind it. I think this is a fun approach to decorating with frames, and it gives an almost dollhouse-like feel to any room.


Framing a flat-screen television is a perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any media room. I love this bedroom’s use of this trick above the fireplace–clever, and a beautiful detail!


Frames are not just for two dimensional pieces! Frame musical instruments to add a gallery-type feel to any room, while saving floor space by hanging instruments on the wall. Paint the wall behind the instruments a color to add a real pop!


Frame sports memorabilia to turn a “man cave” to a beautifully designed sport-lover’s heaven! This includes framing any televisions–it’ll be as though you’re watching the game in a gallery!


I love the use of maps in homes! Plus, they are big enough to cover a large area if you need to fill a lot of wall space.


Have you framed anything out of the ordinary? I’d love to hear ideas you or a designer has come up with!

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