DHOTW: David Phoenix, Master of Juxtaposition

May I present David Phoenix, this week’s Designer Highlight of the Week!

With twenty years of experience and growth in the industry, Mr. Phoenix has quite the reputation–and he should! He follows a true designer’s mindset in keeping the interest of the client present while adding the creativity he has become famous for. His designs reflect his mastery of juxtaposition, and you’ll find yourself wondering how two styles that are complete opposites can be used together in such a way.

Mr. Phoenix was chosen as one of American’s Top Young Designers in House Beautiful, and his work can be found in Architectural Digest, California Homes, and in an upcoming issue of LUXE magazine. Here are some of my favorite designs by him!

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D&D Building Spring Market 2013

Schumacher showroom

Schumacher showroom

I had such a fantastic time at the D&D Building Spring Market yesterday! There were so many fantastic designs, and the lectures and interviews were a real delight, not to mention inspirational. Armed with a camera and a quest to go above and beyond finding what my clients are looking for, I gathered this collection of photos from the day.

Happy viewing!

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DHOTW: Miles Redd is Here to Make an Impression

One designer I’ve recently discovered is Miles Redd. His work has caught my eye significantly, and I just had to feature him as my… (drumroll please!) first ever Designer Highlight of the Week!

Mr. Redd’s bio on his website describes his style as a “playful mix of high and low, emboldened by color and modern gestures but grounded in practicality.” When I look at his work, I see traditional style with a twist. He plays with a creative modern touch by adding elements that you wouldn’t typically expect, whether that element be color, texture, or unique pieces of artwork.

An Atlanta native, Mr. Redd has traveled across the country using his design expertise in apartments, town houses, and country homes. You can find him featured in New York Magazine, Vogue, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, House & Garden, W, and Country Life. His work is truly inspiring–his mind seems to be constantly thinking outside the box!

Here are some of my favorite rooms done by Mr. Redd. Hopefully his daring to step outside traditional designing methods will give you confidence if you want to do the same!

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Navy? Well now, that’s my middle name!

Nancy's Dining Room

The (still in progress!) dining room in my home… is it obvious that I love it?

I am starting to think there may be a reason why “navy” and “Nancy” are so close in spelling… I am just wild about navy blue! Though there was certainly more navy seen at the High Point in the fall, I was happy to see accents of it throughout the spring market.

There’s nothing better than successful cross-seasonal colors, and navy blue is a classic color and always trending both in interior design and in fashion. Quite frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that in my eyes!

Here are a few reasons why this color might need to start becoming a part of your everyday life…

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