DHOTW: Miles Redd is Here to Make an Impression

One designer I’ve recently discovered is Miles Redd. His work has caught my eye significantly, and I just had to feature him as my… (drumroll please!) first ever Designer Highlight of the Week!

Mr. Redd’s bio on his website describes his style as a “playful mix of high and low, emboldened by color and modern gestures but grounded in practicality.” When I look at his work, I see traditional style with a twist. He plays with a creative modern touch by adding elements that you wouldn’t typically expect, whether that element be color, texture, or unique pieces of artwork.

An Atlanta native, Mr. Redd has traveled across the country using his design expertise in apartments, town houses, and country homes. You can find him featured in New York Magazine, Vogue, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, House & Garden, W, and Country Life. His work is truly inspiring–his mind seems to be constantly thinking outside the box!

Here are some of my favorite rooms done by Mr. Redd. Hopefully his daring to step outside traditional designing methods will give you confidence if you want to do the same!

Miles Red V

This bedroom is just (this is really the most accurate word) scrumptious! The pagoda style bed is beautiful, mixed with the mink throw and that stunning chaise… I can’t think of anything that would make this bedroom better!

Miles Redd I

I just had to share this bathroom with black tile and light blue walls. If that wasn’t gorgeous enough, I instantly fell in love with the lucite legs on the sink! They are without a doubt a perfect detail for a bathroom.

Miles Redd II

This bedroom uses a beautiful mix of black, grey and pops of coral. The simplicity of this room against the patterned pillows and comforter is really what had me excited about this room… that and the texture on the wall!

Miles Redd III

This entry way has to be one of my ultimate favorites. Navy lacquer walls and pops of red, black and white? Not to mention the creative use of the bold flower colors to match the walls and accents. I nearly gasped when I saw how wonderful this design is!

Miles Redd IV


Mr. Redd did a really wonderful job with this parlor (living room. Look at how incredible those lambrequins are! Despite this style being very old fashioned (lambrequins really are not seen much in decorating anymore–though you will find them in the designs of castles) these look very updated and fresh.

Miles Redd IX

I had to include this shot of a girl’s dressing and vanity area. How could any young girl get ready in front of that mirror and not feel like a princess? This design just screams royalty!

Miles Redd VI


Such a quaint sitting area that looks to be part of a larger rustic room. It takes a real mind for design and an eye for detail to take this style and add an Aubusson rug– I mean really, wow!

Miles Redd VII

This nook that has such amazing light and character! I just love the way the chairs are done in tiger stripes with the banding in a contrasting color. The hand painted walls are works of art themselves. I am especially a fan of murals and such like this–despite being beautiful, that’s less wall space you have to fill if you’re looking to save on decorations.

Miles Redd VIII


This office is adorned with beautiful red lacquer walls, detailed with brass trim. Not only stunning, but such an original idea, I was blown away!

You can find more information on Miles Redd and see a larger portfolio on his website, www.MilesRedd.com. Enjoy the eye candy!

2 thoughts on “DHOTW: Miles Redd is Here to Make an Impression

  1. “Despite being beautiful?” I think you meant “In addition to being beautiful….” Still I have never heard anyone site De Gournay paper or any chinoiserie mural as a cost saving device. Or maybe you meant to say, “Despite being exorbitantly expensive a chinoiserie mural is after art.

    • Hi Kathy, thank you for your correction on the despite. However, I did not say DeGournay paper is inexpensive. I said, “that’s less wall space you have to fill if you’re looking to save on decorations.” I appreciate you reading and commenting.

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