Coral and Blue: Out of the Ocean and Into Your Home!

Coral and Blue X

Coral and blue is a classic combination, and has a super fresh spring feel to it. Here are some of my favorite uses of this dynamic duo that I have come across recently!

Coral and Blue I

How elegant is this living room by designer William R. Eubanks? While he incorporates a lot of coral, you can find splashes of blue in the carpet, pillows, and artwork. Very subtle, very beautiful!

Coral and Blue IV

Such a pretty table setting! Flowers always add a little something extra, don’t they? This is perfect inspiration for a brunch, shower, or even an elegant luncheon. Using the gold trimmed plating adds a very classy touch–and looks great with the blue and coral table settings!

Coral and Blue X

This is such a casual yet elegant dining room, I just had to share. I love the use of the dark table against the contrasting colors of the chairs, walls and drapery.

Pic II

Another beautiful use of coral and blue by Mr. Eubanks! The rug captures both colors and adds a splash of gold. The coral drapery blew me away, and the coral velvet and blue floral chairs are what really make this room feel elegant while adding bright colors.

Coral and Blue VI

Sometimes I can’t help but include fashion into my posts–design incorporates such a wide range of canvases, and trends are often seen crossing between the various fields of design. I adore this spring outfit, coral and blue matching fabulously!

Coral and Blue V

When can I expect my invitation to this party? This table setting is incredible, not to mention the simple but fun lighting! It may look as though this dinner party is happening in a barn, but this is a very elegant setting, not to mention great inspiration for your next get together.


The great part about using coral and blue is that it not only brings a fresh and clean Springy look, but it also really gives the feeling of sitting in a beach house and listening to the waves. This sitting room would fit perfectly into a cottage or beach-inspired home.

Coral and Blue III

Mr. Eubanks does it again with this gorgeous living room, alive with deep coral velvets and rich blue drapery… and would you look at that vase! Such breathtaking accessories in this room.


Ahhhh, my obsession with navy continues! It looks so lovely with coral and gold accessories.

Coral and Blue IX

Another living room that would be fresh and comfortable for a cottage, lake or a beach home. This room is a perfect example of matching artwork to the theme of a room. The colors of the elephant artwork perfectly match the room. Also, I can’t leave the carpet unrecognized–a striped carpet with such heavily patterned drapery might be risky, but this room pulls it off wonderfully.

Will you be using this colors in your designs this spring? I know I have!

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