Rundāle Palace: the hidden gem of Latvia

This is absolutely beautiful! I just had to share with as many people as possible.

L' Essenziale Home Designs

Latvia is an amazing country for vacation. Whether you want to explore magnificent Art Nouveau architecture of Riga or enjoy aristocratic leisure in the old manor house, you will be surprised and delighted by the amount of attractions this beautiful country has to offer. One thing you definitely shouldn’t miss is the spectacular Rundāle Palace, which I can personally describe as the ‘Vesailles of Latvia’.

Built and decorated by the best architects and designers of the time, the Palace can be a visual guide for studying history of styles of the XVIII century. We spent several hours inside it and I believe I made a thousand photographs. Every little detail of the stunning interiors of the Palace is worth attention because is done with meticulous care and exceptional craftsmanship.

Located in the middle of countryside the magnificent look of the Palace makes even stronger impression because of the contrast…

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Thibaut Design: A Delight in Market Square!

Thibaut Showroom VIIII

Thibaut Design opened a showroom this spring at High Point in Market Square. If you love patterns and colors, you are going to be blown away by what Thibaut presented. Rich colors and gorgeous prints made this showroom one I felt truly inspired by.

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Bringing Spring Indoors

Stanley Showroom Brights

Stanley Furniture

Bright colors were so refreshing to see at High Point. It felt so alive with the colors of spring! I am a firm believer that bright colors in a home are both daring (look at those hot pink chairs from Stanley above, on paper it sounds a bit off-beat but look how gorgeous they are, especially next to the teal sofa) and fun! Pops of bright colors are a perfect way to think outside the box when decorating your home.

Here are some of my favorite bright pieces!

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Style and Comfort, My Favorite Combo!

Bentley Churchill Chair

Bentley Churchill

Bentley Churchill, an upholstery company, had some really beautiful frames this market. I find that this company falls under the radar far too much; I have them in my own home and they are hands down the most comfortable pieces in the house!

Here are a few pieces by them that I had to share. Get ready, you’re going to want to experience this comfort for yourself!

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A New Finish on an Old Product


Century Furniture

Although these pieces from Century Furniture have been in the line, they feel brand new with this new finish out by Century. This finish, Sage with a Dry Gold Brush (though I think it has a bit of a warm cream color to it), was seen on a few pieces on the floor, and I love the way it freshens up the already beautiful look of these pieces.

Here’s a couple more pieces that I fell in love with in this new Sage with Dry Gold Brush…

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The Flow of Colors

Gold, Black, Red LR

would you do an ice blue dining room when the color palette of your home is this?

The things that I’ve witnessed the past few days have really inspired what I’m about to write here.

I was with a client in their home and was asked why I recommended against doing an ice blue color in the dining room. When I disagreed with this color suggestion, I was met with complaints and misunderstanding. In my logic (and correct me if I’m wrong here, fellow designers), when you hire me to design your home, you are trusting me to interpret your tastes in a way that makes your home beautiful. If a home owner has a specific suggestion such as this ice blue color scheme, it is part of my responsibility to make sure that suggestion makes “sense” with the rest of the home. Of course, there are no rules to design (bring it on!), but I function on a “what-I-do-is-what-I-feel” basis, and how I feel is that there should always be flow throughout your home so that it feels cohesive.

It has never been my practice to put a different color in every room. Sure, there should be pops of color, but with accessories and details. My design work will never include an all-red room, blue room, green room, and so on, because I find myself asking where is the connection that brings it all together into one home?

In my story, this client’s house was primarily black, gold, and purple. Some rooms in the house has pops of green or red, but there is always that sense of the matching color flow throughout the house. The suggestion of having an entirely ice blue dining room more or less throws a wrench into my design plan, and I cannot help but let my apprehension show.

But what if I am wrong in this and the more important thing is to give the client what they want and say, “To hell with my cohesion”? Do you agree or disagree? I want to hear your thoughts!