DHOTW: Is There Anything Thierry W. Despont Can’t Do?

If there is one creative mind who deserves to be a Designer Highlight of the Week, it is Mr. Thierry W. Despont. There is so much to this man it’ll be a wonder if I can get it all in one post! Not only is he a genius architect, fabulous interior designer, and a master at museum and historical renovations, but he is also a painter, sculpter, and writer. Above all, he is a unique mind worthy of your inspiration.

Mr. Despont’s studio and offices are located in New York, though he was born and raised in France. A graduate of both the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts of Paris and Harvard University, he is able to couple his unique and high end creativity with knowledge and expertise. The Office of Thierry W. Despont, Ltd. was established in 1980 and has quickly gained a top-notch reputation as a foremost residential and commercial design firm with satisfied clientele stretching from North America to Europe.

Mr. Despont has wasted no time in putting his multiple creative talents to work. He was the Associate Architect for the Centennial Restoration of the Statue of Liberty, the restorer of a family mansion, and responsible for the interior design of the new J. Paul Getty museum. His talents have seen the completion of everything from high end retail stores to synagogues to hotels around the world. His written work includes a series of books entitled Houses and co-authorship of Restoring the Statue of Liberty. As an artist, he is affiliated with the Marlborough Gallery, and his work can be seen in galleries in North America and Europe.

And that’s still not all! He is also a member of the Interior Design Hall of Fame and a Knight of the French Legion of Honor and of the Arts and Letters. For a full biography of Mr. Despont’s accomplishments, please visit his website www.DespontStudio.com.

Here are some of my favorite residential projects by Mr. Despont. It was nearly impossible to choose which works to include!

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Making a Good First Impression

Old World Oppulence

Cre8tive Interior Designs

The entry foyer of a home is the first thing people see upon opening the front door. Whether it’s your in-laws, friends, or just the package delivery man, the foyer sets the tone for the design, style, and (many people seem to forget this!) upkeep of the rest of your home.

You want your guests to feel welcome upon first entering your home, and for visitors who don’t make it past the foyer, you want to make a good impression with just a glance through your open door. Your foyer should reflect who lives in your home and really stand as a way to make a statement.

Here are some of my favorite foyers–beautiful entryways to beautiful homes!

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Just Peachy!

Peach is one of those colors where, upon walking into a home and seeing it on the walls, the first thought often is that has to go! It tends to feel dated and bland, but you should never be quick to judge a color based on its past use in design.

Here are some of my favorite uses of peach in interior design and fashion today. Hopefully your mind will open up to the possibility of using a typically misused color in your next project!

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Don’t Forget About Dad!

Me & Dad

This Sunday is Father’s Day (you’re welcome for the reminder!), a time to appreciate and show your love for most important man in your life. Whether you’re gathering with the family for dinner, sitting on a lake with a fishing line floating aimlessly in the water, or just vegging out on the couch watching dad’s favorite sport (my house will be filled with golf commentary!), it’s a day all about good ol’ Dad.

So, in honor of Father’s Day, here is a collection of some of my favorite man caves.

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I’ve Got a Serious Case of the Blues

Cobalt Blue and Turquoise

Not that I’m complaining! Cobalt is a rich and deep shade of blue, and one of my absolute favorites in fashion and design. I know, I know, I have a huge thing for blue, but once you see some of my favorite uses of it you’ll be joining the club!

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The Antique Beauty in Biedermeier Style

Stunning Biedermeier Credenza

In recent years, the Biedermeier style has become increasingly popular… and there’s no wonder why! This style is being used by designers and architects as inspiration in their own work, some of the more notable being Robert Venturi, Charles Jenks, Michael Graves and Milo Baughman.

Biedermeier furniture is also catching the eye of collectors, its style being a beautiful addition to modern homes. Biedermeier  antiques are known for their petite proportions and bonus functionality, something many designers are seeking as the finishing touch to their designs.

Here are some of my favorite uses of Biedermeier design!

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DHOTW: Stunning Work by Morgante-Wilson Architects

This entry way, can you say WOW!

This week’s Designer Highlight of the Week is stepping into the world of architecture! Morgante-Wilson Architects has really taken my breath away, and if you haven’t heard of them, you should. This uber talented firm does everything from drop dead mountain retreats to super glam city living.

If there is one thing this architect firm does right, it is make use of all their architectural possibilities. They make careful use of what is outside the home when considering what to put inside–a step above with detailing (sitting rooms overlooking mountain views and the like)!

They have such a vast and stunning portfolio, it was nearly impossible for me to narrow down my favorites for this gallery. Please enjoy the eye candy and take in the inspiration!

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#IntDesignerChat June 11 Guest Host Irene Williams The Voice Behind @crossvilleinc Live At #NeoCon13

Please join, it is so great to chat with fellow designers!

Interior Designer Chat


Guest Host Irene Williams the voice behind @crossvilleinc 

June 11, 2013 #IntDesignerChat is talking about the latest trends in commercial design that will soon influence the looks of our residential spaces, as well.  From current color palettes to the most modern finishes, commercial design always pushes the bar and sets new standards.  Host Irene Williams, aka “@crossvilleinc,” will guide the discussion from NeoCon in Chicago and offer a sneak peek into fabulous finds from the show. Whether you only dabble in commercial design or wish to grow your business in this market segment, join in for a fun, informative chat!  Our Topic: “Material Witness: Colors, Finishes, Product Trends in Commercial Design.”


Irene Williams, the voice behind @crossvilleinc, has spent more than 15 of her 20+-year career leading PR, marketing and social media for companies in the design and building product industries. She’s been an integral part of the market research, branding…

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Thomas Chippendale: Google celebrates furniture

This was incredible. If you have time to watch the whole thing, it is worth it.


I was surprised to see the Google doodle in the form of furniture today. Google is celebrating Thomas Chippendale and the legacy of his furniture, which rather amazingly is still popular today almost 250 years after his heyday. He published The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director in 1754 (which is still in print!), a book of his designs. His wide range of elaborate and often exotic designs, fascinated noblemen of his time. Here is a clip from the excellent BBC documentary on this remarkable craftsman and his furniture.

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