DHOTW: Is There Anything Thierry W. Despont Can’t Do?

If there is one creative mind who deserves to be a Designer Highlight of the Week, it is Mr. Thierry W. Despont. There is so much to this man it’ll be a wonder if I can get it all in one post! Not only is he a genius architect, fabulous interior designer, and a master at museum and historical renovations, but he is also a painter, sculpter, and writer. Above all, he is a unique mind worthy of your inspiration.

Mr. Despont’s studio and offices are located in New York, though he was born and raised in France. A graduate of both the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts of Paris and Harvard University, he is able to couple his unique and high end creativity with knowledge and expertise. The Office of Thierry W. Despont, Ltd. was established in 1980 and has quickly gained a top-notch reputation as a foremost residential and commercial design firm with satisfied clientele stretching from North America to Europe.

Mr. Despont has wasted no time in putting his multiple creative talents to work. He was the Associate Architect for the Centennial Restoration of the Statue of Liberty, the restorer of a family mansion, and responsible for the interior design of the new J. Paul Getty museum. His talents have seen the completion of everything from high end retail stores to synagogues to hotels around the world. His written work includes a series of books entitled Houses and co-authorship of Restoring the Statue of Liberty. As an artist, he is affiliated with the Marlborough Gallery, and his work can be seen in galleries in North America and Europe.

And that’s still not all! He is also a member of the Interior Design Hall of Fame and a Knight of the French Legion of Honor and of the Arts and Letters. For a full biography of Mr. Despont’s accomplishments, please visit his website www.DespontStudio.com.

Here are some of my favorite residential projects by Mr. Despont. It was nearly impossible to choose which works to include!

Beautiful Mountain Retreat

What an absolutely beautiful mountain retreat!

Did someone say Library_

Did someone say dream library? Stunning!!

Gorgeous Mountain Home

Seeing all of his mountain homes truly makes me crave the fresh, warm feeling of a lodge after a long day of skiing.

Intimate but not small Media Room

This media room isn’t small, but it has a great sense of intimacy all the same.

Love the Plaid Upholstered Walls

Ah, gorgeous use of wood paneling, you know how much I love that! Not to mention how fantastic those plaid walls are…

Lovely seaside home, those windows!

Those windows!! A very lovely seaside home.

Spectacular Indoor Pool

If I were to ever have an indoor pool like this, I would essentially become aquatic. Fantastic idea to include a fireplace!

Super Sleek Contemporary Indoor Pool

Another indoor pool, this one super sleek and contemporary. I am loving the use of a fireplace again!

Wow Wine Cellar

What a ceiling! What a wine cellar! Just… wow!

I’ll be sure to include some of Thierry W. Despont’s commercial and historical work in future posts, but until then, can you picture yourself in these rooms? What do you think of his style?

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