Dining Amongst Caramels and Greens

Inspiration for Client DR

A client of mine asked me to take on the task of designing her dining room, and I happily took on the project. I love doing dining rooms! Their primary purpose is to bring together family and loved ones to eat and celebrate being together. We live in a world that is in a constant state of come-and-go, so having a dining space for the people you love to stop and come together is (at least in my opinion!) very important.

For the color scheme, we decided on a caramel and green combination with a hint of gold for an air of elegance. The photo above shows what we are working with (sorry for the cell phone quality photo). Here are some more of my favorite uses of caramel and green together…

Comfy and Chic

Very comfy, very chic.


This sitting room is absolutely gorgeous! Its design is timeless, and those couches are just begging to be sat on. This room’s the epitome cozy!

Old meets new Annette English

Annette English

Here is a beautiful sitting room that just shines with an old-meets-new charm. Another great green and caramel sitting room.

Love the Animal Print Pop

The pop of animal print is what makes this caramel and green outfit complete. Very cute summer outfit!

Fresh and Light Plantation Sunroom Olga Adler

Olga Adler

I absolutely adore the use of the colors in this plantation sun room. It just feels so fresh and bright!

Holy Delicious Looking

I couldn’t resist throwing some food in here! Granny smith apples and caramel, a timeless (and delicious!) classic. Using food as a source of color  when you’re hosting a party is a unique and creative way to let your inner designer pop out.

What do you think of the color combination? Yes or no?

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