Who Says Preppy is Boring?

Stripes with a cute ruffled skirt & silver shoes!

Not me!

The word “preppy” is often, and unfortunately, used within the same breath as the word “boring.” However, in my opinion, the preppy style means more than just hum drum sophistication… and here are a few reasons why!

How cute is this preppy girls’ room? The colors are so fresh and bright, and the matching bed sets are adorable.

Suitcase End Table

This has to be one of my favorites here just because of how much I adore the suitcase end table. Not only that, but this bedroom does a wonderful job of creating a preppy, masculine feeling.

Sophisticated Preppy

Holy pink! This sitting area is absolutely stunning, and gives the air of sophistication the preppy style is known for. Love!

scalloped skirt, Navy & gold jewelry

I am in love with this scalloped skirt! Very chic, especially when paired with navy (my favorite!) and accented with gold jewelry.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design, Plaid Delicious

This plaid is positively delicious! In an otherwise overly grey bedroom, this preppy plaid bedspread and matching throw pillows are wonderfully eye catching.

Preppy Stripes

I am all about the use of these stripes on the wall–very creative! The all white furniture was just the right choice for this room. When you have a busy colorful wall such as this, solid colored furniture with pops of matching accents is usually going to be your best bet.

Ralph Lauren truly is, and always has been, the pinnacle of preppiness. These rainboots are fantastic!

This kelley green and cream sunroom is just… wow. 


This nursery is amazing, I love the argyle wall, and used with the color scheme this room just glows with preppiness.

Even Holiday decor can get a preppy boost!


Another cute skirt for my list! I just love the chambray shirt, pearls, and pop of coral–very preppy, very pretty!

So what you think of the preppy style? Have you used it for inspiration in your design or fashion?

11 thoughts on “Who Says Preppy is Boring?

  1. I love the timeless preppy style. I can wear my grandmother’s scarves with my clothes. I can mix old and new, and even though I am close to 40, I can’t get enough pink in my life.

    • Flaunt that preppy lifestyle, girl! Putting a twist on something as classically great as the preppy style is so much fun, and for a designer doing so is one of the best ways to expand your creative horizons. Thanks for reading!

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