Add Some Texture To Your Table

Elegant, Awesome!

Greyson Place

Greyson Place- The Alligator Collection- Bowl

The stealthy alligator: powerful, armored, and a true testament to the fearsome reptiles who once roamed the earth. The rich texture of their skin, distinctive in its nooks and grooves, is always an eye-catcher when used in decorating. Bring that “wow” factor to your table setting with this wonderful new addition, The Alligator Collection.

Each item in the collection is expertly crafted in aluminum. Not only does the metal make for a beautiful piece, but unlike silver, it eliminates the need for polishing. All the pieces can be chilled in a refrigerator or freezer and can be warmed in an oven to 350ºF.

Check out the unique pieces in the collection below! To view the product pages, please click here!

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