Prints Perfectly Suited For Your Card Room

Greyson Place

It’s the early 14th century in Europe. Trade and travel overseas and across continents is thriving, and out of Egypt emerges playing cards painted with tarot-like suits. They feature staves and swords, cups and coins… all of which can still be found on traditional Italian, Spanish and Portuguese decks.

Playing cards certainly have a rich and long history, tracing all the way back to 1377. Display your love for this timeless game with our new Playing Card Framed Prints! Exquisitely detailed, these white-on-black prints were made for that empty wall space in your card and game room, by the bar or in any entertainment center!

Greyson Place - Ace of Spades Framed Print

The ace of spades: in most packs, this card is the most ornately designed. The elegance of this card stems from the 17th century when laws were set into place requiring that this card bear the insignia of the printing house. From then on, card…

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