Spring Has (Finally) Sprung!

Greyson Place

Greyson Place- Canterbury Picnic Basket

Happy first day of Spring from all of us at Greyson Place! Time to pack away the down blankets, break out the gardening supplies and start enjoying the great outdoors again.

Spring is our favorite season for picnics. There’s nothing like sitting in grass freshly warmed by the sun, hearing the sound of birds and distant lawn mowers, smelling the new blooms on the wind. With the warm months around the corner, it’s time to prepare, and our charming new picnic baskets are simply a must-have for the season!

Greyson Place- Canterbury Picnic Basket

Picnicking is an elegant affair with the traditional English-style Canterbury Picnic Basket. The Canterbury is a suitcase-style willow basket with genuine leather straps, plush corduroy interior, and deluxe picnic and coffee service for two. It makes a wonderful centerpiece for any picnic.

Make your picnic a special one with the Canterbury Picnic Basket!


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