Harden Furniture Dazzled Me At High Point

Harden Elegant Warm Bedroom

This was so incredible in person. The whole room was just really well done.

High Point Furniture Market…I have been going twice a year now for many years and never seem to tire. Yes, of course, my feet ache like heck and I am completely exhausted and worn out by the end, but I would not miss it for the world. There are other markets, yes. In my opinion, there is nothing like High Point. With that being said, this particular blog is not specifically about High Point but about one company in particular who showed there, Harden Furniture. Now, I am not sure if any of you are familiar with Harden or should I say, the “new” Harden. I have to be honest and admit that I have not visited the Harden Showroom for several years. They just seemed a little antiquated, a little to arts and crafts for me and my clients. I bumped into my sales rep on one of the streets (those of you who attend know what I am talking about) and he asked me to drop by and just have a look. I am so glad that he did!!!!!

For 167 years and through five generations of family ownership, Harden Furniture has upheld a tradition of environmental stewardship. From harvesting trees on its company owned and managed 10,000 acre woodland in Upstate New York, to the maintenance of an on-site Forestry Division, Harden has been practicing a responsible environmental policy since before the Industrial Revolution and all of its impact on the environment. Not only is the Harden Family five generations old, but many Harden employees have five generations of historical roots in the company.

They recently realized though that in order to keep up with the times, they had to keep up with the way design was changing as well. They have added many transitional and dare I say contemporary pieces to their line. All are manufactured in the USA (of course) with the same green and high standards as their existing collections. I tend to fall on the traditional side so unfortunately the pictures you are going to see are some of the traditional vignettes.

I suggest you take a look at this company again or if you have not looked yet, please do. They have a wonderful website and you can even take tours on the computer! I hope you enjoy some of these pictures from this lovely showroom.

Harden Furniture Bark Edge Console Table

This is an incredible mix of Rustic and Elegant.

Harden Vignette

This Bedroom was just so beautiful, I wanted to capture all angles!

Harden Rustic Elegance

This Vignette was great but the best part was that the ottoman fit perfectly under the chair!

Harden Vignette

Another lovely Vignette.

Harden Chesterfield

This Vignette was great. The “Chesterfield” Sofa was tufted all around with an incredible back detail.

Harden Furniture at High Point Furniture Market

Beautifully Masculine Room but Soft and Inviting.

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