Rooftop Bars, YES!

Gansevoort NYC Rooftop Bar

OMG, is this not fab! I love the chandeliers! Martini Please! Gansevoort Park

Yes, I am sure you are all sick of hearing, “thank goodness it is finally Spring” (at least here where I live)! I am about 30 minutes outside of New York City. After such a long and hard winter, most of us no longer want to be indoors. Personally, I cannot think of a better place to be than on a Rooftop Bar with friends or family! There are so many fabulous spaces today. Business owners are really taking advantage of every square foot they have. With the prices being the way they are for rent in NYC, I cannot blame them!  No matter what City you are in or near, I am sure there are Rooftop Bars popping up all over. Here are a few of my favorites in a City near me, New York.

Not a bad place to have a drink! Look at that hot pool!

Not a bad place to have a drink! Look at that hot pool!

The first photo you saw was from the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel.  Set twenty stories above Manhattan, this gem offers six distinct venues with unhindered views of the Empire State Building and other iconic New York architecture. Unique features include a rooftop pool, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, a patio, wrap-around terraces, handcrafted mosaic tiling and customized ethereal artwork by Deborah Anderson.

NYC Rooftop Bar Gansevoort Hotel

Love the graphic. Gansevoort Park

Another one that is on my A List is the stunning Upstairs at the Kimberly. This stunning penthouse level lounge sits 30 stories high. With 3,000 square feet, it features three separate indoor/outdoor areas. The interior design is just to die for!!!

Upstairs At Kimberly Rooftop Bar NYC

Stunning Interior Design Outdoors!!!

It has retractable glass ceilings and walls, ambient heated floors and breathtaking views of the iconic ChryslerBuilding. Upstairs At the Kimberly ivDesigned to be as elegant and inviting in the winter months as it is sunny and sophisticated in the summer season. Creative cocktails and small plates menu are served nightly. Ahhh, the Salon De Ning at The Peninsula New York is where East meets West.

The Peninsula NYC Salon De Ning Rooftop Bar

What a cozy was to have “sips” with friends. The food is excellent too.

With its dramatic views over Fifth Avenue, this chic rooftop bar features two outdoor terraces and an intimate indoor bar.

Salon de Ning Peninsula NYC Rooftop Bar

Such a warm and inviting place.

There are so many options…here is another

Top of the Strand NYC Rooftop Bar

Sit back, relax, enjoy all the pillows while sipping a flute of bubbly on a warm day!

Set on the 21st floor of the Strand Hotel in Midtown Manhattan is a beautiful view of NYC’s skyline! A retractable roof allows for spectacular views year round! Well made drinks and yummy light food!

Top of the Strand

What a way to sit and look over the City. Cocktail Please 🙂

The last one I will show photos of but, certainly not the last great Rooftop Bar in NYC is the wonderful Press Lounge! Situated atop of the Ink48 Hotel. The Press Lounge offers cocktails and light fare complemented by unobstructed views of Manhattan and the Hudson.

The Press Lounge Ink48 Rooftop Bar NYC

Views, views, views! Perfect afternoon!

The glass wall allows for unobstructed views all around!

The Press Lounge Rooftop Bar NYC

Imagine yourself sitting in one of these comfy chairs!

I really could go on and on but I would say I have given you a taste of what NYC has to offer as far as Rooftop Bars go. Here are a few more you should check out: Ava Lounge; Empire Hotel Rooftop; Hudson Terrace; LeBain; Gallow Green; Jimmy; and 230 Fifth. There are just so many more! Tell me which one you like the most. What about in your City, any favorites you want to share? I would love to hear! I hope you enjoyed reading and if you get to visit these awesome places, have a drink for me!

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