Pets and Interior Design, What?

Kitchen with built in bowls

How easy and clean this would be! I LOVE this.

People are really showing their love for their pets these days! Pets bring such joy to our lives, I guess we want them to be as comfortable in their daily living as we are in ours. Interior Designers and Architects have come up with some really clever and beautiful ideas to incorporate your pet into the design of your home without compromising its beauty. 

Pets under built in

What a great little spot for a bed and some pillows!

Adding some built in cabinetry or redoing your kitchen, its so easy to find fun and beautiful ways to incorporate your pet! I love this idea of having a bed with some pillows built in the cabinetry!

Brick doggie door

OMG, how special is this entrance? Made for a King or Queen for sure!

Planning a “Doggie Door”? This cannot get any more elegant! Click on the picture for a better door mat, but none the less, this is truly making your pet feel like royalty.

Dog door sheetrock

This is another simply but elegant way for your pet to come and go as they please.

When going out to make “business” or just meet their friends, this is surely the way to do it! As you can see, having a pet does not mean sacrificing style or beauty in your home.

Dog living room

For those of us that can provide such extravagance to our home for our pet…this is what I envision it would look like!

Celebrities have brought such attention to the pet craze going on. They take them everywhere and they take them in style!

Carrie Underwood with dog

Carrie Underwood even dressed up her pet for her wedding day!

There is rarely an occasion or an event where we do not see someone carrying their favorite pet. “Selfies” another craze hitting us hard, is an area in which Celebrities and everyone else is sharing their love for their pet! Why not dress up your pet and send me a pic?

Taylor Swift takes a Selfie with her loving cat.

Taylor Swift takes a Selfie with her loving cat.

I hope this has given you some great ideas for your home that lets you incorporate your pet in a glamorous way. Looking for special beds, feeders, clothes, etc.? Check out for all your pet needs! They also have great art work, pillows and other touches that will make your home as beautiful as your pet.

I’d love to know your thoughts…and as always, thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Pets and Interior Design, What?

  1. being the owner of a lovely cocker spaniel (my Dolce) I am so head over heels for all design solutions made for our little friends! 🙂 thank you for sharing these great ideas!

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