1970’s Design and Fashion, Yes or No?

grasscloth, vintage, 1970, decor

Grasscloth walls with 70’s inspired furniture and lighting…a do in my book!

I am attending an event soon (hamptonsheartball.ahaevents.org) with my boyfriend and the theme is “Chic Cocktail – 70’s Inspired-Glitter & Sparkle”. 

While desperately researching what we should wear and not look silly, I couldn’t help myself but look at the decor from that era as well. After all, I am an interior designer and love all things design! I wanted to share a couple of pictures that I found and see what your thoughts were. The above picture is an updated version of a 70’s inspired room that I really like. The colors are warm, the grasscloth is even warmer! The painting brings in those bright colors of the 70’s, but somehow seems quiet in this room. The lighting is retro but, fun and the use of the molding with the roman shade is very today.

deer antlers, paneling, 1970, vintage, shag,

Not quite a designed room but love the elements.

“The paneling has to come down” is something I hear all the time from clients. I happen to think in this room, it is very warm and cozy. With the right lighting, wall decor, furniture and other accessories (aka, the shag rug), I think it really works!

moder, vintage, decor, 1970, mixed, fabrics

Modern yet Vintage feeling.

The mix of patterns, aside from the orange color, was a very 70’s trend. Here it works. There is a pattern on the wall, a pattern on the built in seat, a pattern on the chair, a pattern on the rug and a pattern on the roman shade! If I presented five patterns in one small space for a client, they would think I was crazy! But seeing it here, one wouldn’t think twice. Love the vases and ginger jars as decor.

color, decor, 1970, teal, lime green, dark gold

Colors of the 70’s doesn’t always mean bright!

This room has colors that were used in the 70’s, teal~dark gold~and green, without being bright. It still has a vintage feel without looking it.

glitz, glam, mirrored furniture, silver, bedroom, 1970

Glitz and glam 70’s!

Alright, last home decor picture. I just had too! Although this is way over the top for me, it certainly has the glitz and glam of the 70’s! Pops of greens and yellows on the bed and in the accessories. The shag rug once again. The mirrored dressers and who could overlook the shiny silver bed? I mean, wow!

Back to what Rob and I are going to wear…omg, the pressure! I happen to love 70’s inspired fashion for women! I could so see myself in this…

jeans, 1970, hat, fashion

The jeans, the blouse, the fab hat…love!

Or this…

fur, 1970, fashion

Real fur being warn today is quite the controversy but fake looks just as good!

Look out Aspen, I so see me shopping there in this! However, this party is in the Hamptons at the end of June so neither one of those is appropriate. I think I have settled on this…

mocha, halter, dress, fashion, high slit

Mocha Halter Dress with high slit.

Of course, I am thinking a different belt. Would love to know your thoughts!!!!!! Now, onto Rob. OMG, men’s fashion in the 70’s was absolutely garish! There is absolutely nothing I like about it or can find.

Robert Redford, John Denver, Men, Fashion, 1970, jeans, denim

Robert Redford and John Denver are about the only good things in this picture!

Although I am a huge fan of jeans, aka denim, I am sure it is not appropriate for the event we are attending. A three piece suit seems a bit much. Ugh.

Men, fashion, 1970,

Wow, that’s all I can say!

Ok, the closest thing I could find that Rob could dress in and I would still be attracted to him is the outfit on the right. How can he go wrong? White pants and a deep button down shirt with a thick gold rope necklace…lol, this should be great! (I just have to laugh at the shoes on the guy at the far left!)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Whether you have a comment(s) on the decor or what Rob or I am potentially wearing, I would love to hear. I hope you have enjoyed my madness above and continue reading!

Stay Well 🙂

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