We Have to Buy More Gifts Already? Why not change the Recipient? Valentine’s Day~is it just for Humans?

My luvvies, devil eyes and all! Sharing the little ones bed of course (yes, he has his own).

My luvvies, devil eyes and all! Sharing the little ones bed of course (yes, he has his own).

While at the supermarket yesterday, I was hit with a big Valentines Day display. Of course I was thinking to myself…what??? I just put the wrapping paper away and tucked away the holiday decor! I guess some might say I am behind. Others might be appalled that it took so long. In any event, it got me thinking about Valentines Gifts (forget the fact that I haven’t even already received my Credit Card statement from the past holiday!). Then, the horror hits me. It was hard enough thinking of the perfect gift a month or two ago, how can I possible come up with one of two more?!?

So…here it goes. I decided that the only ones who would be receiving a Valentines gift this year would be my two furry and faithful friends. Yes, I do neglect them for Christmas. Instead of laboring over the perfect gift for my spouse, I can easily find the perfect gift for them! Let’s face it, they can’t complain or return it either, lol. Unfortunately, I guess it works both ways and I will not be receiving a Valentines gift either. To be honest, I really do have what I need and anything else would just be a bonus.

While shopping for my perfect pets, I thought I would share with you some of the delights that I found. You can click on the picture of course, and it will take you to the link that sells it.

paw moisturizer pet dog gift valentine

Who can resist their paws being pampered?

Perfect for dogs who have dry noses and would like to relax because they fear thunderstorms or experience anxiety. It helps restore and protect the skin on dog’s paws and noses, keeps them hydrated, and prevents cracks. It is Formulated with: organic grapeseed oil, safflower oil, wheat germ oil, sesame oil, vitamins a, d, b5, e.

The Essential calming oils have been developed by leading experts in canine aromatherapy to naturally help relax and calm uneasy dogs. Formulated with: pure essential oils of bergamot and tangerine peel, lavender flower, ginger root, rose geranium, ylang ylang flower, and marjoram leaf mixed with liquid coconut oil.

Shampoo conditioner towel pet dog bathe gift

Why stop at the Paws? Bath anyone?

A must have accessory for any modern dog. This doggy towel is soft and absorbs water well. Pleasant to touch, machine washable and dryer safe. Use the towel after walks to dry and clean dog’s paws on a rainy day or after a bath.

Spa shampoo and conditioner set gently cleans, moisturizes, nourishes, and repairs the dog’s skin and coat. They are both toxin free and formulated without sulfate, paraben, synthetic dye & gmo. Uncover your dogs luxurious, delightfully scented shiny coat!

bath mat dog pet slip resistant pamper

When they are having that bath, why not have it be slip resistant?

These unique and attractive doggie bath time mats are perfect for washing your dog in a sink or bathtub or placing on top of a grooming table. They are safe, non slipping and help prevents tub and sink scratches. Three great styles.

There are so many other items, like essential oils, etc. Check out the site to see all the good stuff. Alright, not into bathing your dog or wouldn’t dream of taking such a great task from your Groomer? Why not a pet feeder that is whimsical, functional and a conversation piece? One might say this is a gift for you too, shhhh, don’t tell.

cat feeder gift glass eyed unique whimsical

This 4″ Glass Eyed Cat Feeder is sure to make your cat and friends notice.

Don’t have a cat, relax 🙂 we have some for dogs too!

dog feeder hound unique whimsical gift pet feeder bowl

Oh my! How cute is this guy! He holds 8″ bowls.

Want to spend the day shopping or a special road trip. Decadent. Luxe. Appealing. This fashionable, black Classic Satchel dog carrier is crafted from faux leather and features a top and side ventilation, signature lining, front pockets, a faux fur inner pad, and a quilted design. This fashionable bag adds pretty, practical and style to both you and your dog.

Perfect elegant carrier pet fashion

Perfect, Elegant Carrier that goes with all your outfits.

There is an endless number of items I could have shared with you. From clothes to perfumes to toys, there is just so much. Our pets deserve to be loved on Valentines (and everyday) too! Shop now and let them know how special they are.

I hope you enjoyed this post. As always, thanks for reading 🙂


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