Table Skirts…they’re back!

table bed skirt tailored

Today, I could so see this next to my bed.

It seems not so long ago when I was on my first marriage that I had a big round table next to my bedside with a gorgeous flowing skirt with a heavy bullion trim around the edge. It was a relatively inexpensive way to add furniture and bulk to our room. Well, needless to say-out went the marriage along with that hideous table and skirt! This is not so much the case anymore today. You know what some say, “Everything that’s old is new, and everything that’s new is old” (Stephanie Mills). I guess the same could hold true to this time questioned decor. Whether you are traditional or contemporary, it dresses up a room while still making it feel cozy. I love the table skirt pictured above. The structured box pleat with the frog closures add a tone on tone embellishment. It is such a nice contrast against the luxurious full silk draperies.

whimsy table skirt leopard

Love the whimsy of the leopard print!

Another beautiful version of a tailored table skirt. With its inverted pleats, leopard fabric and contrast tape around the bottom, this would make an elegant end table for either a formal living room or casual great room.

blue table skirt

Blue, Blue, Blue…my favorite color!

Oh my goodness, first the Robin Egg Blue color. Then, the layers of tape. To boot, long beautiful bullion! What is not to love on this one. With its stone floors, this adds a bit of softness to the Entry Foyer.

orange table skirt

Pop of Color!

Not all table skirts have to be round! Take the picture above, this lovely Entry Foyer has a too die for runner and perfect durable sisal runners. To soften it up, a huge pop of color with a narrow table skirt as the console. Tired of the orange, that is the beauty of a table skirt, you can just change it!

All of the above are obviously made by a seamstress and are lavish and produced perfectly. That doesn’t mean that if you are handy and know how to sew, you can’t make your own. There are table forms out there that you can purchase (and they aren’t those horrible ones with the three legs that you screw in from the yesteryear!). They are actually quite sturdy now. I love to put a glass top on mine so that I can dust and protect the fabric. A general rule of thumb for round sizes are: for a 24″ table diameter, you need a 84″ cloth diameter; for a 30″ table diameter, you need a 90″ cloth diameter; for a 36″ table diameter, you need a 96″ cloth diameter; and for a 48″ table diameter, you need a 108″ cloth diameter. For square or rectangular, those are a little more tricky and you are just going to have to measure and do the math.

I hope you enjoyed this and found it somewhat inspirational and informative.

As always, stay well and thanks for reading! 🙂

One thought on “Table Skirts…they’re back!

  1. I love the inverted pleat with the soft animal print pattern. I love tailored pieces and clean lines. I can visualize that style skirt in any transitional living room. I also loved how the table skirt softened up the cold stone in the foyer. Great post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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