DHOTW: The Timeless Mind of Nina Campbell



Meet Nina Campbell: respected interior designer, internationally renown visionary, and this week’s Designer Highlight of the Week!

Ms. Campbell has certainly earned her reputation, and it is her brilliant sense of style paired with her ability to work in both a contemporary and a traditional setting that has me thrilled to be sharing her work with you this week.

Her years of experience began when she was nineteen years old and working for John Fowler at Sybil Colefax & John Fowler. With such enthusiasm and interest in interior design, she soon found herself owning her own decorating business, and shortly thereafter designing a castle in Scotland and sophisticated members’ clubs in London.

Furthering her creative mind, Ms. Campbell is also the creator of an inspiring collection of fabrics and wallpapers, which are distributed internationally. Her projects can be seen both commercially and residentially, across borders and over seas. Her work is always a reflection of the owners and their lifestyles, incorporating existing furniture or antique pieces into a newly designed room for that extra touch.

Going through her portfolio of work was an adventure in itself! Here are some of my favorite designs by Nina Campbell–ones I think will add a spark to your designer’s mind…

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DHOTW: Designer & Architect Markay Johnson

It’s time for my… dun duhduh dunnnn… Designer Highlight of the Week! This week I’d like to introduce you to the work of Markay Johnson Construction.

In 1849, when talking of the Victorian Age, British critic and social commentator John Ruskin wrote, “When we build, let us think that we build forever.” Designer and Architect Markay Johnson, in true spirit of these words, builds works of art.

However, Markay Johnson is more than just an artist. His reputation for having an eye for the finest of details have earned him the respect of both his clients and his peers in the structural engineering and construction management communities.

His company, Markay Johnson Construction, follows the philosophy of taking the ideas and dreams of their clients and creating a plan and budget to achieve their design wishes. Their ultimate goal is to provide their clients with custom homes and commercial spaces that best reflect the owner’s personality and lifestyle. With the praise Mr. Johnson has received (paired with over 30 years of experience), it’s no wonder he has received acknowledgements such as recognition from the Greater Salt Lake Homebuilder’s Association and other industry watch groups.

Here are just some of the reasons why I adore Markay Johnson’s work–I guarantee his eye for design will leave you feeling inspired!

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DHOTW: Musso Design Group: Fitting Your Lifestyle

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 3.53.03 PM

Once again it’s time for my Designer Highlight of the Week! (cue applause and trumpet flourish)

This week I am happy to present the Musso Design Group. I was flipping through my issue of Traditional Home a couple weeks ago when I came across their work, and I found myself wondering why I had not heard of them earlier!

Founded in 1992 by lead designer Bill Musso, this Atlanta-based company has gained distinguished recognition up and down the east coast, from New York to the tip of Florida. The team is made of Bill Musso himself as well as designers Todd Falconbury, Lauren Dott, and Lauren Sardo.

The interior, exterior and landscape work design work done by Musso Design Group has a very distinct feel to it–one that I love. They focus on the lifestyle of the client at hand, whether they are renovating a kitchen for dinner parties or designing furniture and custom window treatments for a commercial space. They believe in an approach to design that is anything but formulaic, which is crucial for the true creative power of the mind to expand.

Here is a sampling of some of their work that I think is just lovely. I can’t wait to see more from them!

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DHOTW: Is There Anything Thierry W. Despont Can’t Do?

If there is one creative mind who deserves to be a Designer Highlight of the Week, it is Mr. Thierry W. Despont. There is so much to this man it’ll be a wonder if I can get it all in one post! Not only is he a genius architect, fabulous interior designer, and a master at museum and historical renovations, but he is also a painter, sculpter, and writer. Above all, he is a unique mind worthy of your inspiration.

Mr. Despont’s studio and offices are located in New York, though he was born and raised in France. A graduate of both the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts of Paris and Harvard University, he is able to couple his unique and high end creativity with knowledge and expertise. The Office of Thierry W. Despont, Ltd. was established in 1980 and has quickly gained a top-notch reputation as a foremost residential and commercial design firm with satisfied clientele stretching from North America to Europe.

Mr. Despont has wasted no time in putting his multiple creative talents to work. He was the Associate Architect for the Centennial Restoration of the Statue of Liberty, the restorer of a family mansion, and responsible for the interior design of the new J. Paul Getty museum. His talents have seen the completion of everything from high end retail stores to synagogues to hotels around the world. His written work includes a series of books entitled Houses and co-authorship of Restoring the Statue of Liberty. As an artist, he is affiliated with the Marlborough Gallery, and his work can be seen in galleries in North America and Europe.

And that’s still not all! He is also a member of the Interior Design Hall of Fame and a Knight of the French Legion of Honor and of the Arts and Letters. For a full biography of Mr. Despont’s accomplishments, please visit his website www.DespontStudio.com.

Here are some of my favorite residential projects by Mr. Despont. It was nearly impossible to choose which works to include!

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DHOTW: Stunning Work by Morgante-Wilson Architects

This entry way, can you say WOW!

This week’s Designer Highlight of the Week is stepping into the world of architecture! Morgante-Wilson Architects has really taken my breath away, and if you haven’t heard of them, you should. This uber talented firm does everything from drop dead mountain retreats to super glam city living.

If there is one thing this architect firm does right, it is make use of all their architectural possibilities. They make careful use of what is outside the home when considering what to put inside–a step above with detailing (sitting rooms overlooking mountain views and the like)!

They have such a vast and stunning portfolio, it was nearly impossible for me to narrow down my favorites for this gallery. Please enjoy the eye candy and take in the inspiration!

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DHOTW: David Phoenix, Master of Juxtaposition

May I present David Phoenix, this week’s Designer Highlight of the Week!

With twenty years of experience and growth in the industry, Mr. Phoenix has quite the reputation–and he should! He follows a true designer’s mindset in keeping the interest of the client present while adding the creativity he has become famous for. His designs reflect his mastery of juxtaposition, and you’ll find yourself wondering how two styles that are complete opposites can be used together in such a way.

Mr. Phoenix was chosen as one of American’s Top Young Designers in House Beautiful, and his work can be found in Architectural Digest, California Homes, and in an upcoming issue of LUXE magazine. Here are some of my favorite designs by him!

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DHOTW: Miles Redd is Here to Make an Impression

One designer I’ve recently discovered is Miles Redd. His work has caught my eye significantly, and I just had to feature him as my… (drumroll please!) first ever Designer Highlight of the Week!

Mr. Redd’s bio on his website describes his style as a “playful mix of high and low, emboldened by color and modern gestures but grounded in practicality.” When I look at his work, I see traditional style with a twist. He plays with a creative modern touch by adding elements that you wouldn’t typically expect, whether that element be color, texture, or unique pieces of artwork.

An Atlanta native, Mr. Redd has traveled across the country using his design expertise in apartments, town houses, and country homes. You can find him featured in New York Magazine, Vogue, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, House & Garden, W, and Country Life. His work is truly inspiring–his mind seems to be constantly thinking outside the box!

Here are some of my favorite rooms done by Mr. Redd. Hopefully his daring to step outside traditional designing methods will give you confidence if you want to do the same!

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