The Majestic Whippet

Here is my sweetie, Greyson, with his "sister" Chelsea.

The whippet looks like an exquisite miniature greyhound. They are so graceful and elegant that when I walk with my dog, I often get stopped by strangers who ask me questions about my stunning hound and they want to pet … Continue reading

Singeries aka Monkey Mischief!

singerie, monkey, huet chateau de chantilly, france

Typically seen on the walls of decoratively painted rooms, Singeries featured monkeys aping humans, dressed in ornate costumes and performing human tasks. Today, you can also find Singeries on tapestries, fabrics, wallpapers and painted on furniture. With its whimsical design, these … Continue reading

Properly Displaying Your Photos


With today’s advanced smartphones, everyone is a photographer! Personally, between my iPhone and camera, I have tons great photos that are just sitting on a memory card. They deserve better than that, and so do your photos!


Display your photos in a unique way for all to enjoy in your home. Here are some tips and tricks that I’ve found that can be a big help when figuring out what to do with all those framed memories.

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