Spring = Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

Love the bright colors, the updated contemporary scale of this floral fabric. So chic used on this classic traditional chair!

I went shopping with my girlfriend the other night for a dress. The stores are spot on with our sentiments of totally being sick of winter and wanting the bright fresh florals of Spring! They were seen everywhere! I personally … Continue reading

Navy and Pink~Taking Winter to Spring!

Mary McDonald got this room right! Navy and white with pops of pink still feels classic and understated.

Everyone who reads my blog, knows my obsession with Navy. It is such a perfect color that can be used with anything. I have a lot of Navy in my wardrobe as well as in my home. With this bad … Continue reading

Hello Labor Day (well almost)!

Summer Fall Landscape Holiday

The one thing I absolutely LOVE about living in New Jersey is that I get to appreciate all four seasons! By this time of year, I am excited for the last round at the beach and the pool. There is … Continue reading

Singeries aka Monkey Mischief!

singerie, monkey, huet chateau de chantilly, france

Typically seen on the walls of decoratively painted rooms, Singeries featured monkeys aping humans, dressed in ornate costumes and performing human tasks. Today, you can also find Singeries on tapestries, fabrics, wallpapers and painted on furniture. With its whimsical design, these … Continue reading

1970’s Design and Fashion, Yes or No?

grasscloth, vintage, 1970, decor

I am attending an event soon (hamptonsheartball.ahaevents.org) with my boyfriend and the theme is “Chic Cocktail – 70’s Inspired-Glitter & Sparkle”.  While desperately researching what we should wear and not look silly, I couldn’t help myself but look at the … Continue reading

Style and Comfort, My Favorite Combo!

Bentley Churchill Chair

Bentley Churchill

Bentley Churchill, an upholstery company, had some really beautiful frames this market. I find that this company falls under the radar far too much; I have them in my own home and they are hands down the most comfortable pieces in the house!

Here are a few pieces by them that I had to share. Get ready, you’re going to want to experience this comfort for yourself!

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Why You Should Give Wall Tapestries a Chance

Tapestries, Ltd. Wall Tapestry

Tapestries, Ltd. Wall Tapestry

Tapestries, Ltd. Wall Tapestry

Tapestries, Ltd. Wall Tapestry

If I were to come to you and say I want to use a wall tapestry into your reading room, what would be the first thing that pops in your mind? An old, musty, dated cloth on the wall? Well, in many instances you wouldn’t be far off, but Tapestries, Ltd. has taken the idea of an old, rustic wall tapestry and thrown it clear out the window.

Typically, tapestries are made of wool, though are also seen in cotton and, more rarely, silk, gold, or silver threads. As a true representation of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, they can depict ancient family crests, landscapes, hunting scenes, or even important moments in history. The amount of time and skill that goes into the creation of each tapestry makes them a treasure unto themselves, let alone a beautiful piece of eighteenth century artwork hung in your home.

Hop on over to the Tapestries, Ltd. website and take a look at some of what they have to offer. I have found some real outstanding pieces while looking through their website, and a new and refreshing tapestry can really add a perfect sense of the days of past to your home.