Top Ten Lighting Tips

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One of the most neglected areas in planning a home is the correct use of lighting.  Most Architects and Builders (sorry) are high hat happy! Don’t even let me get started on where they place the switches and outlets, not … Continue reading

Singeries aka Monkey Mischief!

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Typically seen on the walls of decoratively painted rooms, Singeries featured monkeys aping humans, dressed in ornate costumes and performing human tasks. Today, you can also find Singeries on tapestries, fabrics, wallpapers and painted on furniture. With its whimsical design, these … Continue reading

Pets and Interior Design, What?

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People are really showing their love for their pets these days! Pets bring such joy to our lives, I guess we want them to be as comfortable in their daily living as we are in ours. Interior Designers and Architects … Continue reading

DHOTW: Designer & Architect Markay Johnson

It’s time for my… dun duhduh dunnnn… Designer Highlight of the Week! This week I’d like to introduce you to the work of Markay Johnson Construction.

In 1849, when talking of the Victorian Age, British critic and social commentator John Ruskin wrote, “When we build, let us think that we build forever.” Designer and Architect Markay Johnson, in true spirit of these words, builds works of art.

However, Markay Johnson is more than just an artist. His reputation for having an eye for the finest of details have earned him the respect of both his clients and his peers in the structural engineering and construction management communities.

His company, Markay Johnson Construction, follows the philosophy of taking the ideas and dreams of their clients and creating a plan and budget to achieve their design wishes. Their ultimate goal is to provide their clients with custom homes and commercial spaces that best reflect the owner’s personality and lifestyle. With the praise Mr. Johnson has received (paired with over 30 years of experience), it’s no wonder he has received acknowledgements such as recognition from the Greater Salt Lake Homebuilder’s Association and other industry watch groups.

Here are just some of the reasons why I adore Markay Johnson’s work–I guarantee his eye for design will leave you feeling inspired!

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DHOTW: Stunning Work by Morgante-Wilson Architects

This entry way, can you say WOW!

This week’s Designer Highlight of the Week is stepping into the world of architecture! Morgante-Wilson Architects has really taken my breath away, and if you haven’t heard of them, you should. This uber talented firm does everything from drop dead mountain retreats to super glam city living.

If there is one thing this architect firm does right, it is make use of all their architectural possibilities. They make careful use of what is outside the home when considering what to put inside–a step above with detailing (sitting rooms overlooking mountain views and the like)!

They have such a vast and stunning portfolio, it was nearly impossible for me to narrow down my favorites for this gallery. Please enjoy the eye candy and take in the inspiration!

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Rundāle Palace: the hidden gem of Latvia

This is absolutely beautiful! I just had to share with as many people as possible.

L' Essenziale Home Designs

Latvia is an amazing country for vacation. Whether you want to explore magnificent Art Nouveau architecture of Riga or enjoy aristocratic leisure in the old manor house, you will be surprised and delighted by the amount of attractions this beautiful country has to offer. One thing you definitely shouldn’t miss is the spectacular Rundāle Palace, which I can personally describe as the ‘Vesailles of Latvia’.

Built and decorated by the best architects and designers of the time, the Palace can be a visual guide for studying history of styles of the XVIII century. We spent several hours inside it and I believe I made a thousand photographs. Every little detail of the stunning interiors of the Palace is worth attention because is done with meticulous care and exceptional craftsmanship.

Located in the middle of countryside the magnificent look of the Palace makes even stronger impression because of the contrast…

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