Holiday Decor and Gifts~Week Two

Thanksgiving Table

It is time to start thinking about your Thanksgiving Table! Today there are so many beautiful ways to make your table feel warm and welcoming. Here are some items that I think would make wonderful additions to your holiday table. … Continue reading

Hello Labor Day (well almost)!

Summer Fall Landscape Holiday

The one thing I absolutely LOVE about living in New Jersey is that I get to appreciate all four seasons! By this time of year, I am excited for the last round at the beach and the pool. There is … Continue reading

Top Ten Lighting Tips

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One of the most neglected areas in planning a home is the correct use of lighting.  Most Architects and Builders (sorry) are high hat happy! Don’t even let me get started on where they place the switches and outlets, not … Continue reading

1970’s Design and Fashion, Yes or No?

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I am attending an event soon ( with my boyfriend and the theme is “Chic Cocktail – 70’s Inspired-Glitter & Sparkle”.  While desperately researching what we should wear and not look silly, I couldn’t help myself but look at the … Continue reading

Silver in Spring Is a Lovely Thing!

sea octopus table decor

I always look forward to the fall and winter months because there are so many wonderful holidays to celebrate! From home decor to table settings for parties, you can really have fun and be creative with each theme! So why, … Continue reading

Rooftop Bars, YES!

Gansevoort NYC Rooftop Bar

Yes, I am sure you are all sick of hearing, “thank goodness it is finally Spring” (at least here where I live)! I am about 30 minutes outside of New York City. After such a long and hard winter, most … Continue reading

Swayin’ in the Breeze

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How many times this summer alone have you heard, in one form or another, “My goodness, it is hot out here!” Countless people across the country seem to be feeling these crazy temperatures of 2013, but not everyone has access to a simple way to beat the heat. What is there’s no water source to swim in nearby? No beach, river, lake, or pool?

Here’s a great alternative: a hammock! What better way to unwind from the hot day then lounging in the shade, swaying between two trees with a good book and an ice-cold drink? I think hammocks are a great addition to any yard, and here are some of my favorites!

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The Flow of Colors

Gold, Black, Red LR

would you do an ice blue dining room when the color palette of your home is this?

The things that I’ve witnessed the past few days have really inspired what I’m about to write here.

I was with a client in their home and was asked why I recommended against doing an ice blue color in the dining room. When I disagreed with this color suggestion, I was met with complaints and misunderstanding. In my logic (and correct me if I’m wrong here, fellow designers), when you hire me to design your home, you are trusting me to interpret your tastes in a way that makes your home beautiful. If a home owner has a specific suggestion such as this ice blue color scheme, it is part of my responsibility to make sure that suggestion makes “sense” with the rest of the home. Of course, there are no rules to design (bring it on!), but I function on a “what-I-do-is-what-I-feel” basis, and how I feel is that there should always be flow throughout your home so that it feels cohesive.

It has never been my practice to put a different color in every room. Sure, there should be pops of color, but with accessories and details. My design work will never include an all-red room, blue room, green room, and so on, because I find myself asking where is the connection that brings it all together into one home?

In my story, this client’s house was primarily black, gold, and purple. Some rooms in the house has pops of green or red, but there is always that sense of the matching color flow throughout the house. The suggestion of having an entirely ice blue dining room more or less throws a wrench into my design plan, and I cannot help but let my apprehension show.

But what if I am wrong in this and the more important thing is to give the client what they want and say, “To hell with my cohesion”? Do you agree or disagree? I want to hear your thoughts!

Why You Should Give Wall Tapestries a Chance

Tapestries, Ltd. Wall Tapestry

Tapestries, Ltd. Wall Tapestry

Tapestries, Ltd. Wall Tapestry

Tapestries, Ltd. Wall Tapestry

If I were to come to you and say I want to use a wall tapestry into your reading room, what would be the first thing that pops in your mind? An old, musty, dated cloth on the wall? Well, in many instances you wouldn’t be far off, but Tapestries, Ltd. has taken the idea of an old, rustic wall tapestry and thrown it clear out the window.

Typically, tapestries are made of wool, though are also seen in cotton and, more rarely, silk, gold, or silver threads. As a true representation of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, they can depict ancient family crests, landscapes, hunting scenes, or even important moments in history. The amount of time and skill that goes into the creation of each tapestry makes them a treasure unto themselves, let alone a beautiful piece of eighteenth century artwork hung in your home.

Hop on over to the Tapestries, Ltd. website and take a look at some of what they have to offer. I have found some real outstanding pieces while looking through their website, and a new and refreshing tapestry can really add a perfect sense of the days of past to your home.