Rundāle Palace: the hidden gem of Latvia

This is absolutely beautiful! I just had to share with as many people as possible.

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Latvia is an amazing country for vacation. Whether you want to explore magnificent Art Nouveau architecture of Riga or enjoy aristocratic leisure in the old manor house, you will be surprised and delighted by the amount of attractions this beautiful country has to offer. One thing you definitely shouldn’t miss is the spectacular Rundāle Palace, which I can personally describe as the ‘Vesailles of Latvia’.

Built and decorated by the best architects and designers of the time, the Palace can be a visual guide for studying history of styles of the XVIII century. We spent several hours inside it and I believe I made a thousand photographs. Every little detail of the stunning interiors of the Palace is worth attention because is done with meticulous care and exceptional craftsmanship.

Located in the middle of countryside the magnificent look of the Palace makes even stronger impression because of the contrast…

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