Just Peachy!

Peach is one of those colors where, upon walking into a home and seeing it on the walls, the first thought often is that has to go! It tends to feel dated and bland, but you should never be quick to judge a color based on its past use in design.

Here are some of my favorite uses of peach in interior design and fashion today. Hopefully your mind will open up to the possibility of using a typically misused color in your next project!

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Mrs. Howard, My Inspiration

Every now and then a designer comes along whose eye for detail and mindful visions truly inspire me in my line of work. One designer who has always been a true source of inspiration for me is Phoebe Howard. I picked up her book The Joy of Decorating last year and have lost count how many times I’ve flipped through its pages–I never get tired of looking at it!

Here’s a snippet of a bio about Mrs. Howard (the full biography, which I recommend you read! can be found on her blog):

In 1996, Phoebe and Jim Howard opened the doors to their first store, Mrs. Howard, in Jacksonville, Florida, hoping to demystify the decorating process for their customers. The goal was simple: to create a retail space that showcased Jim’s architectural and decorating talent, and Phoebe’s natural skills for buying, decorating, and merchandising. With equal parts of exceptional customer service and a well-rounded mix of furniture, antiques and accessories, the store was an instant success […]

Over the years, Phoebe’s penchant for creating stylish spaces has evolved into her own brand of decorating […] Phoebe’s work can only be characterized by its timelessness and her mantra to “keep it pretty.”

Here are some of my favorites from her. May you find inspiration as I have!

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