Why My Mum Walked Me Down The Aisle

Amazing and inspiring.


Tears are words that need to be written ~ Paulo Coelho

Everyone knows that the father is supposed to traditionally walk you down the aisle and give you away to the new main man in your life.

But what if there is no father to walk you?

What if you walk alone?

What if you’ve been walking alone for a majority of your life, ignoring this gaping hole, and then on a random Saturday you are having breakfast with your fiancé and break out in an unexpected cry about the fact that you cannot avoid this void anymore? This is ME. This is an issue that plagues some brides today and no matter how strong of a woman I am, I was no exception to this.

I come from a family of seven. Yes that’s right, I have 6 other siblings walking this earth with me. Quite a rare thing in…

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The Majestic Whippet

Here is my sweetie, Greyson, with his "sister" Chelsea.

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The Night Circus

By Erin Morgenstern The Night Circus

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Deep, Rich, Deliciously Captivating Purple!

purple, color, gladiolas, flowers, rich, velvet, home

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Spring = Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

Love the bright colors, the updated contemporary scale of this floral fabric. So chic used on this classic traditional chair!

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